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Sure! To an extent anyway. If in question, just ask ♥

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Please Let Me Heal You!

Kobato's tasked with the mission of healing the wounded hearts of others. Which in essence is helping to grant their wish. It can be as simple as giving an individual a heartfelt compliant when they are troubled or down, all the way to attempting to save someone's business. What will truly help an individual can differ from person to person.

Each time she successfully helps heal an emotional injury of some kind, her bottle fills up with the 'wounded heart' in the shape of konpeitou. Once her bottle is full, God will grant her wish.

This post is to serve as a tracking post of how many pieces she's earned, as well as a plotting post for those wishing to have her 'heal' their character in some fashion! If interested, please fill out one of the tables below.

Would you like healed?

You have been healed!


Name: Kobato Hanato
Canon: Kobato
Timeline: Exam.9
Age: Unknown (15-16ish most likely)
Race/species: Human/Wandering Spirit
Birthday: Unknown
Relationship status: Single :'|
Occupation: Nothing ATM
Appearance: Long, brownish pink hair! Supah mullet of cuteness. She wears cute dresses and always ALWAYS has a hat of some sort.
Personality notes: Cute, bubbly, naive, and very clumsy. Kindhearted and sincere, she's always genuine and tries to be helpful.
Medical info: Weak body. Can't overexert herself. Can't eat regular human food any more. Only spirit food, or milk (MILKSHAKES ARE OKAY).
Abilities: Her hat conceals that she's actually just a spirit. Sort of floaty and has a pretty crown once her hat is removed. Might be able to become incorporeal or do more ghost like things if it's removed? WHO KNOWS!???
What is okay to bring up with them/what isn't? Anything is fine. Although talk of hospitals or death would make her sad.
What kind of character does mine get along with/doesn't get along with? Gets along with everyone! Doesn't like mean people..... but will still try to help them if they are in trouble.
Can my character be hurt/knocked out/overpowered/killed/etc? Yep.
Can your character hug/kiss/have sex with mine? Yes, but ask... and lol idk about the sex bit.
Can your character mind-read/empathy-connect with mine? Sure.
Can your character see/acknowledge mine's threads with others/their every day lives/see them with friends or a SO? Yep!
Can others break the 4th wall? To an extent. Don't spoil the ending.
Any other notes? Don't call her Dobato >(

☀ 014

[Accidental Video | Action]



[A hand lifting to her already bruised forehead, a long haired girl in a hat stumbles a moment. The cause of the injury is clear, a low tree branch as she totters unsteadily, surrounded by trees. Cradling her head, she groans. The journal itself seems to have fallen a few feet away, steadily recording the scene before it all on its own.]

Wrong way I guess...

[Brow knitting in determination, she throws her arms out in front of her into a karate like position. Dirt smudges her cheeks, and bits of old leaves and grass litter her hair.]


[There's absolutely no branches for a good couple feet in front of her, but nonetheless she keeps wildly swinging her arms around.]

Kobato Hanato will never give up, tree-san...!

[Even against an entire forest of trees! Although in actuality she's just wandered off the path in the park. It's clear something's off, though, when she takes a couple more steps, and despite the wildly flinging arms, she hits another branch. Only this time when she hits it, her foot stumbles over a root on the ground, too.]




[The heavy thud is heard and seen as she tumbles to the ground, face first. Groaning, she just lies there a moment, unmoving.]

... I wish Ioryogi-san was here.

☀ 013

[Accidental Video]

[Biting her tongue, with a look of determination Kobato's hard at work, sitting in the craft room at the school. She has glue and dozens of other materials scattered around her in a disorganized mess, but from the angle of the camera it's difficult to see what exactly it is she's making. With deep concentration she winds some kind of thread around something else and ties it off.

Staring at her finished product for a moment, her eyes widen in delight, and a smile races across her face.]

I did it!

[Lifting the gift high into the air it shoots up above the camera screen as she stands abruptly, the gift, at least, out of view.]

I made Miss Spider her web!

☀ 012

[Accidental Video | Action]

[Because it's fall, the weather is chilly and continuing to become more so. But that doesn't stop Kobato from making the most of the season. It's beautiful and she loves all of the seasons. Even the chilly nip in the air. With a warm hat, a scarf, and fluffy jacket she rests against one of the trees in the park, beside a pile of leaves.

It's a scene like one from before, actually. Only, despite the cold it almost looks like she could be asleep. After a moment though, her eyes open, a smile upon her lips as she scoops up one of the leaves beside her and twirls the stem between her gloved fingers.]

Pretty~! I love the colors of fall.

[With a breath, she opens her mouth- and begins to sing softly to herself]

♪ The flowers which bloom within the spring, are plucked by the summer's sun ♫
Deep and engraved within my heart, their sparkling shine still remains
Even on days I close my window, to shut out the morning rain
Fluttering within my heart, their light breaks through the clouds in the sky

A distant voice beckons to me, leading me on the place I'm intended to reach
It's warm and inviting, singing and smiling, like an echoed lullaby in the wind

♪ Autumn lies upon the beach, on the treetop's branches Winter sleeps ♫
though this world is far from peace, in us all kindness is hidden deep
As night falls into twilight, let us all offer a prayer tonight
Ever softly, let us greet tomorrow no matter what it brings

A distant voice beckons to me, leading me on the place I'm intended to reach
It's warm and inviting, singing and smiling, like an echoed lullaby in the wind
Whether it's joy or sorrow, I'll embrace both and keep walking toward tomorrow
♫ Because now we're protected, strongly connected, with joined hands nothing ca-----

[All at once the singing cuts out, even though her lips still move a moment longer. But at the lack of sound, she abruptly stops, and her eyes widen. H-Huh...?]

(OOC: Stole the majority of the English translated lyrics from here.)

☀ 011

[Accidental Video --> Audio]

[As soon as it interrupts the network it vanishes. A flash of something bright over the head of the girl who appears, for only a split second before it switches instead to audio. Whatever it was it (probably) was unidentifiable. At least, she hopes so, as she draws a breath.

Oops, that was the video instead of audio, wasn't it? Well, at least she is lucky enough to catch it. Although right now, she's really not sure what to do. It may not matter anymore, probably. She's spent some time, thinking over things here within the welcome center. There's a mixture of happiness, acceptance, and sadness. It's all mixed together. And she can't understand why she's appeared here again, directly after her wish. If this is the case.... has her wish been granted? She has to believe with all of her heart that God has surely seen to things.

Thank you so much, Kami-sama.

Hands folded in her lap, one lifts to scrub a happy tear from her eye before clearing her throat. She's had enough time to sit and think. Now, she has to move forward, because it's not an option to remain here within the welcome center.]

I'm sorry to interrupt. But I need a little help.

☀ 010

[Video; Filtered from Kiyokazu Fujimoto]

[Cheeks only slightly pink, Kobato looks into the screen. Beside her the 'Tips for Dating' magazine is still open, face down to mark her page upon a bench. Playing with her fingers she rings them uncertainly. Well, it isn't like she'll know unless she asks. Taking a breath her head tilts.]

Um... can I ask a question? [Smiling a little, she looks hopefully expectant, at least. There are so many experienced people in this place, she's bound to find answers!] I was wondering if there was anyone who could tell me about dating. [...She doesn't really even know where to start.] Like...um...what do you do first, or what should you wear... [Voice lowering a little with slight embarrassment] what sort of things should you expect on a date...? Or how do they work...

[Okay, maybe she has lots of questions...]

That is...if you know!

[...Ahh...when all else fails bow!1!]

Th-Thank you very much!!

☀ 009

[The dazed, unfocused face of someone abruptly waking from a deep sleep swims into focus upon the journals. Kobato's eyes blink slowly. Her hair's a mess, bed head clear beneath one of her many hats. Covering her mouth with a hand, she lightly coughs. This is...?]

The hospital?

[Her head turns and she takes in the room around her, before glancing down at the opened capsule she currently sits in.]

I was asleep...?

[She doesn't remember arriving at all. Though that seems to happen more often than not, here. She covers a small cough again, appearance slightly haggard. Maybe it's more than being seemingly tired, because she appears discomforted, as though the room, or building, perhaps, has her ill at ease.]

... I don't want to be in this place.

☀ 008

[Accidental Video]

[Even at night, Kobato keeps a hat on. Or so it appears as she moves to sit down on her bed. A long nightgown trails to her ankles, while a nightcap sits upon her head. She lets out a long luxurious sigh... before letting out a squeal of delight and throwing herself back into the comfortable mattress.]

I just love beds! SO SOFT!

[ sldkjf >_< ♥ Snatching up her pillow she hugs it close to her. After a moment, she stretches and her hand brushes a purse that sits beside her, still on the bed.

After a long, considering glance she reaches for the bag beside her. A hand slips within and after but a moment of digging, pulls out a small, delicate glass jar. The top is tipped with a little bird, while the sides have wings. It's filled, only a little ways, with tiny pointed balls that look like konpieto at a glance. She turns it around several times within her long fingertips, quiet.]


[Hushed, voice soft and questioning, but respectful.]

I wonder if it's wrong, to not mind staying here...?

[Closing her eyes she brings the little bottle in to the warmth of her body, and hugs it tenderly.]

I wish it could be like this always.

(OOC: And a while after Kobato is done speaking with others, people are welcome to notice this accidental live recording. shemeantforittobeprivatesob)

☀ 007

[Accidental Video]


[In the middle of a cup, bobbing in the center of a bubbly kitchen sink, a tiny girl is seen attempting to balance very carefully, least the cup tip too far one way or the other. Similar in appearance to one other, the hat sitting atop her head easily identifies her as Kobato. It doesn’t, however, explain her sudden change in height or predicament.]


[Teetering this way and that the cup spins in a circle. Of course the girl inside is more than a little dizzy. As it spins, however, it nears a ladle sticking up out of the soapy water. Aha--! She can use this, at least. Very carefully she reaches forward to try and grab the handle. If she can grab that, then definitely she’ll be able to steer herself closer to the edge of the sink, right?

Just a tiny bit closer, and...]


[Eyes growing wide the cup tips precariously forward. Arms flailing she squeaks and immediately throws herself in the opposite direction, only for the cup to begin tipping that way instead.]


☀ 006

[ Accidental Video | Action | Open ]

[ Standing outside of the school near a little grove of trees, Kobato's bundled up warm in a fall jacket fitted over her long dress, with gloves and a warm, matching hat sitting atop her head. Of course, for as much attention as she's paying to her surroundings, it could be below freezing and she'd hardly tell.

Holding a giant rake, face beaming she spins in and out amidst a pile of leaves, humming a pretty melody to herself. It's sweet and cheerful, pretty in her own voice. More than raking she seems distracted, daydreaming to herself. Occasionally she stops all together, only to laugh, smile brightly again, and continue working.

It's been like this for the past few days. Of course she's hardly aware of her journal recording her, instead catching a couple of leaves that fall and float down. Spinning a stem in one hand she sways back and forth, voice lifting in a higher hum as she smiles fondly down at the vivid color of red. For all of how long she's been outside, she hasn't gotten much done yet. Instead, her mind is happily elsewhere.

Interrupt her?]

☀ 005

[Near identical to earlier, a similar face pops up, too close before she backs up. She blinks a moment, assuring herself that it's working before beaming brightly. Taking a large bow, she she begins cheerfully, if maybe a bit too enthusiastic.]

Hello! Thank you so much to everyone for all the help, after arriving again. My name's Kobato Hanato! And this isn't my first time in Kiseki-san. It's my third... ... or maybe my fourth... [Unsure now... But anyway-] I'm grateful to get the chance to see everyone again. Because you never know how much time you'll get together. So to that end...

I... I have an announcement! [A deep breath, fidgeting]

Music class is now going to be available for everyone to attend at the school. It'll be taught by [ Ah-- ] Kiyokazu Fujimoto-san [The faintest blush. His first name... O////O ....Or wait] - sensei...? Fujimoto-sensei...[Not that it's really important except for the announcement! Flustered-] I-It'll be taught by Fujimoto-sensei and myself. Only I'm an assistant...

[C-Clearing her throat]

Music is very good for the soul, according to a magazine. I know that I always feel better when singing or listening to music, so I hope that the class can be healing to all those who wish to take it!

Please let us heal you!

[ ... /OLD HABITS AND DYING HARD. She straightens once more from a second bow. For a moment she looks as though she's about to end the feed before her eyes widen suddenly]

OH! That's right! Also one more thing. [Her smile beams even brighter and she leans down to pick up something, currently covered with a white cloth.]

In addition to music class, I've gotten permission to start an Arts and Crafts shop! [ She vocally makes the drum roll noise]

Dun dundun dun dun dun DUN~~!

[Removing the small cloth she reveals her master piece >=3]

I thought it might be a fun class for people of all levels to come together and continue to improve!



[There's a moment of fumbling, a small girl in a hat playing with her journal as it pops up, video activated. She's smiling, grin wide as she stares into the gem. Red flecks her eyes though, moisture clinging wetly to fair lashes. It's deceptive, in contrast to her otherwise cheerful demeanor. She swallows, clearing her throat once she realizes she has it figured out once more.

Even if she remembers this place and her circumstances it's taken her a bit to re-figure out. It's fuzzy, especially with so much already on her mind.]

It looks like I'm back, Kiseki-san! [Faint, before she clears her throat to continue a little louder.] I wonder how long I was gone again this time? Sayaka-sensei...? [Okiura-san? ... Fujimoto-san...?]


[Her smile widens, further.]

Is there anyone else I might know still? Oh! Or Ioryogi-san! I think I even used to have a picture of Ioryogi-san... I wonder if it's still here...

☀ 003

[Accidental Video | Action - Open]

So this is...Kiseki-san, right? [Upon the screen comes the serene and peaceful looking view of a young girl. Holding her hat she stares out across the landscape, the wind lightly blowing long hair from behind her. The rest of her is basked in sunlight, giving her body a soft, ethereal glow.]

It looks so calm. I think that...I remember.

[The more she thinks about it, vague memories of the place come back to her. It's a little blurry, but it's somehow familiar, too. She has the feeling she has friends and important people here. In fact--even people from 'home', she thinks.

I'll have to get in contact with everyone. She can't tell how long she's been gone for, but to her with how fuzzy it all feels, she wonders if it's been a while. There are first things first, though--]

I have to find Ioryogi-san.

[Stepping forward she moves to take her first step back into her old life at Kiseki!! --When her toe hits a rock sharply and the peaceful scene is shattered entirely with a loud 'KYAAAAA'. Arms flailing her eyes widen as she waves around frantically, before crashing face first into the hard, cold ground below.]

O--Ouchhhhhh [Giving a low moan she slowly stirs dizzily.]

☀ 002


[Walking aimlessly through the park, Kobato has been restless for the past few days, staying locked up tight in her room. She hasn't wanted to really speak to others, which is strange for her. Generally she likes going out and making new friends, finding new people to help and doing her best. Somehow though, she hasn't had any will to.

Heart clenching painfully, she holds a hand to her chest, long hair obscuring her usually cheerful expression. I don't understand. She knows she's not acting like herself. But ever since the other day, talking to Zashiki-Warashi and Fujimoto, she hasn't been able to draw a smile to her face. Everyone else though is smiling, and seems to be in good spirits.

Even....Fujimoto is smiling.

So why is it that she...can't seem to smile along too...?

Scrubbing a couple of tears from her eyes, she is so lost in her thoughts and distracted, that she isn't paying attention to where she is walking.]

☀ 001

[Accidental Audio]

Miracle Country? [Blinking rapidly Kobato looks down in surprise at the journal in her hands, not fully comprehending the situation just yet.]

Ioryogi-san...they gave me a journal and they said it was mine. [A pause...while she opens it up and begins flipping through the pages.] Even though they don't know me. Isn't that nice? [There's a little bit of humming while she waits for a response...that doesn't come.] Right, Ioryogi-san! [Still nothing. She turns her head questioningly to look down at her purse. No one is close enough to over hear them or anything.] Ioryogi-san...? Ioryo...gi...

[There is ONE last short pause before--]

W-W-W-Where did you go!? Ioryogi-san? [She flails dramatically before giving a large dramatic gasp when she doesn't immediately see him.] DID I DROP YOU!? Are you lost!? AHHH! D-Don't panic! [Clutching her cheeks, she's very obviously talking to herself before looking under the bench and other various places in the room.] He's so small...what...what if he's stepped on...or fell into a pot hole? M-Maybe he got thrown away...o-or a doggy decided to use him as a chew toy!

[These thoughts only distress her more and, panicking, she flips open the journal she has been given and furiously starts scribbling inside after getting her writing materials.]

[THERE! That would help her in her search for him and would at least let everyone know what he looks like. She quickly scribbles some more.]

H-Have you seen this stuffed animal!? His name is Ioryogi-san...but but but--! He won't talk. He'll only be REALLY still! [She sounds a little flaily at this. She KNOWS better than to give away the fact that he's alive!] Um-! He might look a little grouchy sometimes, but that's because I drop him all of the time! He doesn't like getting too wet or dirty! [There is so much worry] If found, please return him to Kobato Hanato! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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Just comment below with your character, and I'll let you know what Kobato thinks of you! She generally thinks the best of everyone, but she still has definite opinions. Because character relationships are bound to change over time, feel free go post again later once you feel things might have changed.

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